Plastic surgery: a birthday gift to yourself

Happy birthday! Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to be older? It seemed like being an adult — with a great job, dreamy spouse, and amazing New York City lifestyle — could never come fast enough. Then the milestones started to hit. 13? 16? 18? 21? All good! 30? 40? 50? A different story. With the self-esteem-killing wrinkles, sags, and bags that age often brings, it might start to feel like “growing up” isn’t so great afterall.

But the truth is that life is a beautiful thing and each day offers something to be thankful for. You might be getting older, but remember that you get to get older — and that’s not something that everyone can say. Plus, with ages comes wisdom, knowledge, success, and exciting new adventures — keeping us feeling rejuvenated and young at heart. That’s something to celebrate!

As you turn another year older, why not invest in your body to create an exterior appearance that complements your youthful mindset and inner glow? More and more patients — from 25 to 60 and beyond — are beginning to shun old misconceptions about cosmetic surgery and embrace non-invasive procedures that bring back their confidence. In a recent article in Hollywood Life, 25-year-old Madison shared her story of receiving Botox to treat forehead lines.

“The injections hurt less than getting my eyebrows threaded, and only took about 15 minutes,” Madison said. “My forehead lines have almost completely disappeared.”

Here are a few of the non-invasive treatments that many of my clients have benefited from:

There’s a reason so many women like Madison trust this tried-and-true classic. Botox can tackle problem spots including wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the forehead, crow’s feet, bunny lines, sagging necks, and marionette lines. In fact, just 10 minutes in the clinic can have you looking 10 years younger, and treatments are ideal for anyone from 25 to 60.

Juvederm Voluma XC

Over time, our facial features can thin and give away our age. Juvederm, an injectable hyaluronic acid dermal filler, is a fast option for combatting sunken features and wrinkles with results that typically last nine months to a year. And because Juvederm is a gel, your skin will instantly appear fuller and feel smooth and malleable.


Thinning also happens on the backs of our hands, revealing unsightly veins and other age-related conditions. Radiesse is an excellent filler option for this area because it immediately replenishes lost volume while also stimulating the production of your own natural collagen. Gradually, the gel is absorbed and only your own natural collagen remains. Results can last a year or more.

The Perfect Derma Peel and VI PEEL

Injections aren’t your only option for combating aging skin issues. Chemical peels, including VI PEEL and The Perfect Derma Peel can both make your face look younger and brighter in just one week by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes and multiple treatments might be necessary for full results.

Getting older is a natural part of life. Make an appointment today to see how non-invasive procedures can help you face aging with confidence and joy.

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