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Our Pricing

Diolaze ( Hair Removal) Per Area $60-800*
Lumecca ( IPL) Per Session $500-750*
Fractora (Fractional RF) Per Area $1250
Body Fx (Body Shaping) Per Area $750
Forma (Skin Tightening) Per Session Per Area $500
Derma Fillers
Juvederm Ultra/ Ultra Plus Per Syringe $1000
Juverderm Voluma Per Syringe $1250
Filler Touch up Per Area $300
Radiesse Per Syringe $850
Botox Per Unit (subject to change per client) $20
Excessive underarm Sweating $1400
Sclerotherapy (3-6 sessions required)
One Leg Per Session $300
Two Legs Per Session $600
Microneedling (once a month for 4 months)
Microneedling with HA $700-800*
Microneedling with PRP $800-900*
Micro needling with PRP Partial Injection $900-1000*
Microneedling PRP Full Face Injection $1100-1200*
Full Scalp 22ML $1100
Partial Scalp 11ML $800
Eye Brow Injections $500
Other Services
VI Peel ( Chemical Peel) Per Area $425
Perfect Derma Per Session $425
Diolaze (Hair Removal) 30 Min Session $300

*Consult for Prices

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