Lumecca IPL

Lumecca IPL is an advanced intense pulse light system which penetrates deep into tissue to correct broken capillaries and eliminate brown spots. This non-invasive procedure shrinks pores and helps skin appear more vibrant and youthful. Lumecca incorporates the usage of selective photothermolysis, a painless light treatment, to correct skin imperfections. Touted as one of the most powerful tools to correct pigmentation and vascular-related lesions, we use the procedure to restore skin clarity in patients who suffer from:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Pigmentation changes
  • Vascular-lesions: port-wine stains, spider veins
  • Freckles


What is Lumecca IPL Technology?

Jane Scher proudly features this non-invasive light technology as a way to enhance your appearance without the use of surgery. Lumecca technology rejuvenates the appearance of troubled skin within one to three treatments. Lumecca is safe and effective for use on almost all areas of the body. It is most frequently used to offer correction for areas regularly exposed to the sun, such as: face, neck, decolletage, legs, hands and arms. Nurse Scher utilizes Lumecca primarily for arms and legs, although treatments to the face are utilized in cases of freckles, rosacea and severe acne scarring.


What Makes Lumecca IPL Technology Unique?

The advanced light technology reduces brown and red pigmentation, frequently in the facial region. Research shows Lumecca may actually activate dormant anti-aging genes, helping transform and rejuvenate tired looking skin. Lumecca utilizes wavelengths which selectively target melatonin, hemoglobin and water in deep tissue regions. When performed by an expert, such as Nurse Scher, this technology delivers broad band light in short, intense pulses designed to stimulate collagen and correct unappealing damage. The different settings allow the treatment to assist in the removal of both spider veins and large veins on legs, and other prominent areas. We’re proud to say there is zero-downtime related to this procedure and it is very comfortable to undergo. 


Before, During and After your Lumecca IPL Technology Procedure

  • Before: Our clinical team requires patient to stay out of sun two weeks prior to treatment, to maintain safety of the procedure. On the day of treatment we apply sunglasses to protect your eyes, thoroughly cleanse skin and apply ultrasound gel to coat the treatment area.
  • During: Nurse Scher utilizes a strong sapphire cooling tip to target your problematic areas. The procedure is painless, you’ll just feel a series of slight taps as the heat pulses into your skin. The medical-grade IPL machine takes between a few minutes to an hour, depending on the treatments you’re receiving.
  • After: Following your procedure pigmentation marks may darken and flake off. Nurse Scher advises patient stay out of direct sunlight to promote proper healing. You’ll notice clearer skin as broken capillaries and brown spots begin to heal and your skin cells regenerate.


Why Choose Jane Scher, RN

Regarded as an expert on minimally invasive procedures, Jane Scher, RN, is well-versed on all of the latest facial treatments. She uniquely combines compassion, advanced training and expert artistry to provide you with optimal results. If you’re desiring a more youthful appearance and would like to feel more confident about yourself, please reach out to Nurse Scher for your consultation.

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I Am 54 Years Old And I Look 10 Years Younger!

Jane is the only one to go to in NYC for IPL !!! I have had 3 IPL treatments and my skin is much tighter, youthful and brighter. My appearance is noticeably younger looking. I am 54 years old and I look 10 years younger. Jane also IPL my upper chest and my skin is like a teenager. I am not new to these type of treatments, I have spent money on other treatments that do not work from other medical spas.

Jane is the key to the fountain of youth! Thank you Jane!! ” ~ Paula F.

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