forma device - imageAnother type of InMode procedure is Forma, designed to improve the appearance of the skin, making it smooth, tighter, and more radiant. This treatment is frequently used by celebrities since it can provide firmer, more youthful skin without the downtime or risk of surgery.

Forma works by using radio-frequency technology to contract the skin in its deepest layers, stimulating collagen production and providing long-lasting skin elasticity. It is carefully monitored to ensure that all targeted areas receive equal attention.

Areas of both the face and body can be effectively treated with Forma. Commonly, Forma is used to diminish wrinkles of the forehead, around the eyes, between the nose and lips (nasolabial folds), smile lines, neck, upper arms (“bat wings”), and abdomen.

For most patients, Forma is administered weekly for six weeks. For people with only mild laxity, treatments may scheduled less frequently with more weeks between sessions. Patients who receive Forma treatments find that their skin appears smoother, with far fewer wrinkles.

Forma Plus

Forma Plus is another noninvasive procedure used to improve the appearance of the skin. It is focused on refining and reversing skin sagging to give the skin a much more youthful appearance. Completely safe and comfortable, Forma Plus can be used almost anywhere on the body where loose skin is a problem. It effectively tightens skin on the arms, back, abdomen, thighs, knees or love handles by using RF energy to stimulate collagen production.

During Forma Plus treatments patients typically experience skin warmth and tightening. Gradually, over the course of treatment, they become aware that the skin of the targeted areas appears smoothed and lifted. The body appears smoother with fewer textural imperfections and tighter skin. Generally, patients have weekly treatments for six to eight weeks.

After a Forma Plus treatment, all patients are able to immediately return to their daily routine. There may be some temporary redness in the treated area, but it will disappear within a few hours. The procedure is basically painless. Many people comment that a treatment feels much like a hot stone massage, but with much longer-lasting results.

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