body fx device - imageFortunately, for the many patients troubled by cellulite, the unsightly puckering on the abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs and/or buttocks, BodyFX is a very effective treatment for dimpling and lost elasticity of the skin that comes with weight change, poor diet, hormonal variations, dehydration and/or genetic predisposition.

BodyFX is the only technology that uses focused radiofrequency energy not only to target specific fat deposits, but also to tighten collagen and dermis. Using a combination of radiofrequency energy, deep-tissue heating and suction, BodyFX can produce remarkable results as the skin is both tightened and reshaped.

Like Fractora, BodyFX is noninvasive. Used as a less risky, nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. BodyFX can successfully alter the contours of the body to to reveal a smoother, tighter appearance.

During a BodyFX treatment, RF energy is administered as a succession of pulses and the patient’s skin temperature is carefully monitored to maintain strict control over the process. For most patients, the treatment is a comfortable one. It is normal to experience warmth and a sensation of gentle pulling as the RF energy and vacuum smooth out the undesired pockets of fat.

Patients receiving BodyFX treatments will observe gradual improvement in skin texture after the first few sessions, by which time the skin will feel softer and smoother. Depending on the size and nature of the targeted area, four to eight once weekly sessions are necessary to see optimal results. No downtime is required and some people actually have treatments during their lunch hour. While patients usually feel a sensation of warmth following treatment, it does not interfere with their normal routine.

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I Am 54 Years Old And I Look 10 Years Younger!

Jane is the only one to go to in NYC for IPL !!! I have had 3 IPL treatments and my skin is much tighter, youthful and brighter. My appearance is noticeably younger looking. I am 54 years old and I look 10 years younger. Jane also IPL my upper chest and my skin is like a teenager. I am not new to these type of treatments, I have spent money on other treatments that do not work from other medical spas.

Jane is the key to the fountain of youth! Thank you Jane!! ” ~ Paula F.

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